Iowa Turkey Hunting Lodge


Your senses start to heighten the minute you get out and start looking for your place to sit. This hunt gives you the opportunity to experience stillness like you’ve never had before. The observations you’ll be able to make from the tranquility of the grass waving to the perfectly harmonized march of the ants. An experience of just a moment of just you & your thoughts, even the slightest notice of wind offers a song. Once your eye catches the first one strut across the open area and you hear that gobble, the sudden burst of adrenaline will bring the excitement to life. Let our expert hunting guides lead you for an exciting Iowa turkey hunting experience. This package includes experienced guides, three meals a day prepared by our very own professional Chef, prestigious lodging (double occupancy), hunting license, bird cleaning, and packaging.

Non-resident tags are not included for this particular hunt. To apply for a non-resident tag, visit the Iowa DNR's website. Heritage is also happy to help you draw any non-resident tags you may need. For assistance, please contact us at 1-780-2290 or