Iowa Whitetail Deer Hunting Lodge


This exclusive hunt is offered only four times a year on virgin land containing many brag worthy bucks and does. Only one group per season will be scheduled. Will you be the next one with bragging rights?

The morning of a deer hunt is an exciting time all in itself. Naturally your senses are heightened as you begin preparing for one of mankind's longest living adventures of survival. The cool Iowa air feels as though it’s been untouched, clean and crisp. Out here the grass is greener and the sky is bluer. You can smell the fresh scent of the grass and with the woodsy aroma in the background. Every leaf movement and every twig snapping will suddenly sound like it’s singing directly to you.  

Once you get dressed, grab your gear, and head to the trucks. Our experienced guides will lead you through over 200 acres of our land that has been in the family’s name for 150 years and set aside specifically for this type of hunt. You’ll head off to your tree stand, crawl up and begin to experience all the sights, sounds, and aromas of the land as you wait for one of nature’s most beautiful resources to come into view.  Whether you are new or an experienced Whitetail Deer Shotgun, Bow or Black Powder hunter, you should look into this one of a kind package.

Hunters will be provided experienced guides and transportation on this 6 night/5-day hunt, with exclusive lodging in our 5-star prestigious lodge. Our onsite professional chef will serve three meals a day to ensure that you will never go hungry.

For more information on Whitetail Deer (Shotgun, Archery, or Black Powder); contact us at 641-780-2290 or

Non-resident tags are not included for this particular hunt. To apply for a non-resident tag, visit the Iowa DNR's website. Heritage is also happy to help you draw any non-resident tags you may need. For assistance, please contact us at 1-641-780-2290 or